Will You Get HBO Max With Your HBO Subscription? What You Should Know

HBO/HBO Max/Warner Bros

will launch on May 27, and like a lot of people, you might be
wondering if your HBO subscription will get you in the door at no
extra charge. It’s a valid question, given that cable packages
are pricey, with or without premium channels, and paying for HBO
Max on top of HBO doesn’t sound appealing. The good news is that
HBO Max is serious about standing as a formidable rival to Netflix
and Disney. Not only will the service offer 10,000+
movie and TV titles
(both on the library catalog and original
content sides), but it’s shaping up to be competitive, pricewise.
We’ll try and clear up some confusion here.

The Cost Of HBO Max If It’s Not Part Of Your Existing
HBO Package:

If you’re coming to HBO Max dry — that is, if you aren’t
one of the fortunate viewers who will be rolled into membership
with an existing HBO subscription elsewhere or as an HBO Now
subscriber — then HBO Max’s standard price will run $14.99 per
month. That’s a higher price than Netflix’s standard plan
($12.99) and lower than its premium plan ($15.99). HBO Max also
runs the same baseline price as HBO Now, but a special introductory
deal exists to lock people into a 12-month HBO Max rate at $11.99
per month. A limited number of these discounted subscriptions are
up for grabs before May 27, so visit the HBO Max home page to take advantage
of the offer.

Naturally, anyone who can avoid being charged separately for HBO
Max will want to do so. We’re all thrifty! So it only makes sense
to look for ways to save money. First, let’s recap the other ways
that you might already watch HBO: mainly, the other two HBO
streaming services (HBO Go and HBO Now) already offered.

What Is HBO Max Vs. HBO Go And HBO Now?

– HBO Max is the newcomer
streaming platform
from WarnerMedia. The service will feature
10,000+ hours of premium content, which includes HBO’s entire
library, HBO Max Originals, tons of Warner Bros. movies and TV
shows, and much more.

– HBO Go is the on-demand streaming service that HBO cable
viewers already receive as part of their subscription. The service
includes HBO’s original content and rotating monthly selections,
and access is tied directly into your specific cable TV

– HBO Now is a standalone, on-demand streaming offering for
people who don’t hold a cable or satellite package but still want
to subscribe to HBO and watch on a smart TV, laptop, tablet, phone
or other compatible devices. The current price for this service is
$14.99 per month, and many current HBO Now subscribers will
automatically receive HBO Max access (when the service launches)
without any added cost.

So If You’ve Got HBO, Do You Get The HBO Max Upgrade
For Free?

Maybe. The current guidelines aren’t clear cut, and they’re
very much in
. Here’s where the issue stands as of now:

– Those who subscribe to HBO (and, in turn, HBO Go) through a
cable TV service may (or may not) be in luck. As it stands,
there’s no deal between HBO and many cable TV service companies
Comcast and Cox
), but that could change in the future. However,
HBO subscribers who pay for the channel
through Charter
or an AT&T package will receive HBO Max at
no added charge. That includes subscribers to the AT&T-owned
DirecTV, IPTV, and AT&T TV, which means that millions of these
HBO customers will get rolled into HBO Max.

– HBO Now subscribers who pay straight through HBONow.com will automatically receive
access to HBO Max when it launches. So will subscribers who sign up
for HBO with the Hulu add-on. And HBO Max has made a special point of saying
that more partnerships might pop up before and following launch.
Right now, though, it remains unclear whether those who pay for HBO
Now as an add-on service through Amazon Prime, Apple, or Roku will
also gain access to HBO Max with no extra charge.

– We do know that neither HBO Go nor HBO Now will be erased
from existence for the foreseeable future. You can keep on doing
your thing and pretend that HBO Max doesn’t exist, but you
probably will want to enjoy the expanded library if you can.

Where The Topic Goes From Here:

If you’re a cable subscriber who remains (understandably)
puzzled on whether you’ll receive access to HBO Max at no extra
charge, your best bet is to ask your cable provider. That’s
easier said than done, we know. HBO Max’s FAQ page is also a
good source for updates because, soon, HBO Max will also be the only place
to stream every episode of Friends and enjoy an expanding slate of
wonderful-sounding HBO Max Original TV series and movies. Beyond an
included cable package, the easiest way to get HBO Max rolled into
an existing HBO service is through HBO Now (directly or through
Hulu), so if you’re tempted to cut the cord, there’s one more
reason to do so. That, however, might feel like a drastic move, so
maybe hang tight and see what happens — other partnerships may
very well surface as HBO Max evolves.

HBO Max launches on Wednesday, May 27.

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Will You Get HBO Max With Your HBO Subscription? What You
Should Know