Why big brands are betting on nostalgia and bringing back old mascots and campaigns

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Today’s news:�Brands bring back nostalgia,
inside Instacart’s advertising plan, and the ad agencies behind
Trump and Biden’s presidential campaign.

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Nostalgia marketing has reached a fever pitch in the pandemic.
Here’s how brands like Chips Ahoy, Kraft, and AT&T are reviving
old mascots and campaigns to appeal to consumers in jittery

  • Tanya Dua looked at how brands are embracing nostalgia during the
    pandemic to relate to consumers.
  • Experts say nostalgia can be reassuring during the pandemic as
    people yearn for simpler times and seek out old comforts amid
    uncertainty. AT&T, for example, brought back mascot Lily, who
    advertised its wireless service from 2013 to 2017.
  • Research shows that nostalgia helps drive product preferences
    but experts warn that old messages needs to stay relevant. Old
    mascots like Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima have been dropped in
    recent months because they’re rooted in racist stereotypes.

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10 ad agencies that are driving $11 billion in presidential
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Why big brands are betting on nostalgia and bringing back
old mascots and campaigns