'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Ending, Explained By Showrunner Steve Blackman

Spoilers ahead for The Umbrella Academy Season
Preventing the apocalypse is no easy feat — something
Five and his siblings have now learned twice on The Umbrella
Academy. Failing to stop Vanya from inadvertently blowing up the
moon is what got them all trapped in 1960s Dallas in the first
place. And in Season 2, they’re once again saddled with blocking
her from causing a nuclear doomsday. Thanks to Ben, they’re more
successful this time around, but it leads to a much different
reality when they’re finally transported back to 2019 in the

Umbrella Academy Season 2 ending
— namely, one in which both
Ben and their dad are still alive.

Below, showrunner Steve Blackman breaks down what this and all
of the other final twists mean for the Hargreeves’ future.

Sir Hargreeves Is An Alien

Yes, Sir Reginald Hargreeves really is an alien from another
planet. This is revealed in the comics within the first few pages,
but in the show, it’s not confirmed until late in Season 2 when he
literally peels off his human face. “I wanted to establish a lot of
relationships first before I say, ‘Hey, your dad might be an
alien,'” Blackman explains of why he held off on the reveal. “If
we’re lucky enough to get a Season 3, we would like to look more
into who ‘dad’ really is and start to reveal to the kids that he is
not who they think he is.”

The Sparrow Academy

When the siblings teleport back to 2019, the mansion they return
to is no longer home. Their suddenly alive father informs them that
this is the Sparrow Academy, as several mysterious but clearly
super-powered people stand above them.

This is a major lead-in for future seasons, so Blackman simply
says it’s “a good guess” that those silhouettes belong to the
Sparrow Academy members who are revealed in the third volume of the
Umbrella Academy comics, Hotel Oblivion. We know there were 36
other children born at the same time as Five and his siblings, so
it’s reasonable to assume Hargreeves found and raised some of them.
What’s unclear is why. Did he create the Sparrow Academy because of
how disappointed he was when he met the Umbrella Academy in

Ben Is Still Alive

Ben sacrifices himself to stop Vanya from causing yet another
apocalypse. But when the siblings arrive at the Sparrow Academy,
they see a photo of him on the mantle and are greeted by a scarred
and snarky version of the sweet Ben they once knew. Though this Ben
is very different, Blackman confirms that he is indeed the same kid
the Hargreeves grew up with, which means this 2019 isn’t some
alternate world in a multiverse.

Blackman adds that they’re excited to give actor Justin H. Min a
different arc, and to have Ben interact with other characters
beyond Klaus, aka “the world’s worst translator.” “This is an
opportunity for the show and the actor to really expand his
universe on screen,” Blackman says.

Lila’s Future

Though Lila initially seems to simply be Diego’s new love
interest, it’s later revealed that she was raised by The Handler
after she killed Lila’s parents. The finale explains why: Lila is
one of the 43 children born on Oct. 1, 1989, and she has the
ability to mirror back anyone’s powers. She flees the battlefield
in the end, but Blackman says he has “a really good idea” of where
to take her story in future seasons.

“She really does love Diego and he really loves her, so I think
we could expect to see them trying to find each other,” he says. He
also notes that Lila has a briefcase, so she can be “anywhere” at
“any time.” He sees Lila as more of a “contrarian” than a villain,
so maybe that means she’ll be on the Umbrella Academy’s side next
time we see her?

Is The Handler Really Dead?

She managed to fake her death at the end of Season 1, but
Blackman confirms this is the end of the road for The Handler. “As
much as I adore [The Handler actor] Kate Walsh, The Handler really
did die this year,” he says. RIP to all those fabulous outfits.

What Will Happen to Harlan?

Midway through the season, Harlan, the autistic son of Vanya’s
love interest Sissy, drowns in a lake. Shockingly, Vanya revives
him by giving him some of her powers. This puts Harlan on The
Handler’s radar; though the Umbrella Academy successfully protects
him and Vanya seemingly takes back the powers, the final moments of
the season show Harlan floating toys in the air.

“Vanya wasn’t as successful as she thought she was in removing
his power,” Blackman says. “A little bit was left behind.” Does
that mean Harlan will play a major role in a Season 3? “No
comment,” Blackman says.

What About Ray and Sissy?

Both Allison and Vanya formed romantic connections with people
in the 1960s, but sadly, it sounds like that’s the last we’ll see
of them. “If we did the math, Ray would be a very old man in 2019,”
Blackman says. “Same with Sissy. I think these are characters we
met this year, and next season, we’ll meet new people.”

Expanding Powers

One of the most exciting aspects of Season 2 is seeing how each
of the Umbrella Academy siblings learn to wield their powers in new
ways. Ben can take over Klaus’ body; Diego can bend oncoming
bullets; and Vanya can literally revive a human. “All their powers
are evolving now,” Blackman says. “They never finished their
training with [their] dad. They left when when they were
adolescents and went their own way.” What they’re beginning to
discover is that “their powers are stronger when they’re actually
together as a team,” Blackman says.

The showrunner declines to say much more about what might be
ahead, but does say the season is full of Easter eggs that
reference the comics. So with enough rewatches, you might be able
to piece together where the story is going next.

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'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Ending, Explained By
Showrunner Steve Blackman