The number of US Disney+ viewers is on track to surpass Hulu by 2024

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According to our latest estimates for over-the-top (OTT) video
services in the US, Disney+ will have 72.4 million users this year,
representing 32.1% of OTT viewers. The number of Disney+ viewers
has blown past that of Apple TV+ (18.8 million), which is
impressive given that both services launched in November 2019.
Additionally, the Disney+ audience size is on track to surpass that
of sister platform Hulu by 2024.

US Disney Plus Viewers 2020 2024

“Since its launch, Disney+ has been able to grow quickly by
using a low price point and leveraging a vast library of content,”
said Eric Haggstrom, eMarketer forecasting analyst at Insider
Intelligence. “Bundled offerings with Hulu and ESPN+, as well as
distribution deals with Verizon, have enabled it to grow new
subscriptions quickly and reduce subscriber churn.”

The service will experience double-digit growth each year
through the end of our forecast period. By 2024, Disney+ viewers in
the US will surpass Hulu’s viewers—123.4 million vs. 115.6
million, respectively.

“Disney+ has seen rapid audience growth and has partially
benefitted from lockdowns and stay-at-home orders,” Haggstrom said.
“However, while COVID-19 has helped drive adoption of the service,
movie and TV production shutdowns could act as roadblocks. It will
be difficult for Disney+ to continue growing viewership in 2021
with a light batch of new releases.”

US Subscription OTT

In 2020, 225.4 million viewers will use a streaming service at
least once per month, up from the 221.9 million viewers we had
previously expected back in Q1. This figure will grow to 237.1
million in 2024.

Netflix is still the top subscription streaming service in the
US, with 168.9 million viewers, followed by Amazon Prime Video at
130.1 million.

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The number of US Disney+ viewers is on track to surpass Hulu
by 2024