The 9 Best Serving Dishes

As a former food blogger, I accumulated a lot of platters and
props. Ultimately, I found myself returning to the neutral
backdrops that framed my food without overpowering it. The

best serving dishes
are simple in design and made of
go-with-everything materials like ceramic and wood.


A simple design, in my estimation, generally means white serving
dishes and platters that allow anything served on them to pop while
also matching any
. But white doesn’t have to be stark: it’s remarkable
what a subtle scalloped edge or decorative trim can do to warm up
the piece. I also love adding wood for an earthy element, and
wooden charcuterie boards and salad bowls will make your table
looks so luxe. All that said, if you love more colorful
presentations, a piece with accent colors brings a festive


Ceramic is a classic and elegant choice for serving dishes and
is supremely versatile. Keep in mind easy-to-clean ceramic or
porcelain dishes can chip or break if dropped, while wooden dishes
or platters likely require hand washing. Either material is
relatively affordable and
helps food look enticing


You’ll want to stock your kitchen and dining area with

serving dishes in a few sizes
to accommodate main courses,
pasta and salads, snacks, and dessert. I’ve compiled a mix of
highly rated options to cover your bases, including an oval platter
at least 14 inches wide, a wooden board for charcuterie spreads,
and bowls in several sizes for serving sides, snacks, and

With all this in mind, here are the
best serving dishes
to stock your collection. You’ll find that
these pieces are must-have
kitchen items

1. This Versatile Set Of White Serving Bowls

white serving bowls
are a great shape and size for serving
pasta, salad, or fresh fruit. Each of the two bowls holds just over
3 quarts, and these highly rated porcelain bowls are conveniently
safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher. The simple white
design makes anything from vibrant green salads to dinner rolls
look good.

A helpful review: “I bought this set of bowls
because I needed large serving bowls that could also hold a
substantial salad or pasta dish. These fit the bill. They are heavy
in weight, modern and sleek looking in design and go well with all
styles of dishes and serving wear. Would definitely buy

2. The Best Divided Serving Dish

best divided serving dish
is all white with a simple but
brilliant feature that sets it apart from others: its five
compartments are removable for easy individual refills as

The chip-resistant ceramic pieces are safe to use in the
dishwasher, microwave, and freezer, and this design means you can
use the bottom tray separately, too. Use this platter to serve
chips and dip, olives, candy, nuts, fruit, or vegetables.

A helpful review: “These serving dishes are
such amazing quality and so beautiful! They are exactly what I was
looking for. I love that you can take each part apart and have
several parts to spread them out among guests. They are also
dishwasher and microwave safe!! […] I was already super impressed
the first time I used them and got compliments on how nice they
were. i cant wait to use them again on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

3. A Classic Oval Platter

classic oval platter
in ivory has a pretty scalloped edge that
will accentuate
roasted vegetables and other side dishes
. It’s made of
stoneware and is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. The 15-inch
plate (with an 11-inch well) looks good on any table and fits right
in with other serving dishes. It’s also available in a lovely

12-inch round size

A helpful review: “Very nice serving dish.
Needed a serving dish to hold a square bundt cake and this was
perfect. Also used it for serving asparagus spears; they looked

4. A Set Of Terracotta Pinch Bowls For Dipping Sauces Or Olives

pinch bowl set
is great to have on hand for serving dipping
sauces, finishing salts, spices, nuts, or herbs. These six
terracotta bowls have colorful interior glazes, offering a modern
but simple pop of color to your table.

Each terracotta bowl holds one ounce, and they should be washed
by hand.

A helpful review: “These are adorable, and
look much more expensive than they are. Perfect for nuts, olives,
dipping sauces, or a little bits of snacks.”

5. A Unique & Decorative Serving Platter

Backed by an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon, this

decorative serving platter
is much loved by reviewers for its
ornate and floral pattern on hand-painted stoneware. The
combination of colors can match several other styles, and this
14-inch platter is safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.
Reviewers commented they love using this dish for serving large
sides and main courses. If you love the look, you can shop the
listing for a complete
accessories set

A helpful review: “This a really nice platter
that is colorful, sturdy, and perfect for many serving

6. These Gorgeous Wooden Bowls For Dips & More

I love using these
wooden serving bowls
for organizing smaller items as part of a
charcuterie and cheese spread. Their 4-inch size is perfect for
offering dips or corralling olives and nuts. The natural wood grain
is neutral enough to let any food shine, whether you’re serving
appetizers or desserts. Plus, the tight grain of this acacia wood
helps them resist leaks, stains, and odors; wash these bowls by
hand to keep them in shape. You can also score the bowls in an

affordable set of six

A helpful review: “I love the durability,
color, and size. It is perfect for dipping sauces and olives. I use
it on my cheeseboard when I have guests and they absolutely love
it. Each bowl is different in color tone and has a unique design.
Highly recommend!”

7. A Beautiful Maple Board For Cheese & Charcuterie

Speaking of charcuterie and cheese, this
wooden serving board
is a must-have for dinner parties and
entertaining at home. The 17-inch rectangular board is large enough
to serve your favorite prosciutto, making it easy to
assemble your own charcuterie board
. I also love the built-in
well on one side for holding crackers, sliced bread, or smaller
items like nuts, chopped vegetables, or olives. And built-in
handles on the sides of the board are convenient for moving it

The black walnut board with an accent stripe of cherry and maple
woods is timeless and one reviewer commented it is “absolutely
stunning — even more so in person than in the photos.”

A helpful review: “The artistic design of
this charcuterie board truly exceeded my expectations — so much
so that it remains on display in my kitchen in between uses.
However, as unique and beautiful as the board is, it’s clear that
quality and function was not compromised during its design. It’s a
functional piece of art for the kitchen. I primarily use the board
for entertaining (I’m not the best cook) so I particularly like the
cutout handles and ‘cracker well.’ The handles make it easy for me
to transport goodies to and from the kitchen and the ‘cracker well’
keeps the crackers from sliding around or off the board. […]

8. An Elegant Serving Platter For The Main Event

If you’re looking for a
large serving platter
suitable for holding a Thanksgiving
turkey, ham, or pot roast, this pick is 18.5 inches long and made
of white stoneware. The simple scalloped design has a decorative
bead trim that gives this plate a French farmhouse vibe, and it’s
safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher.

One reviewer commented this highly rated platter worked “great
for my 15-pound turkey.”

A helpful review: “This is a beautiful platter
and just the right size for a small 11 lb. ham. I used it this past
Christmas 2014. It fit perfectly in the middle of my dining table
with all the other food around it with plenty of room for my
dinnerware for eight people. I highly recommend this platter.”

9. Your Go-To Dessert Stand For Cakes & More

I bake homemade birthday cakes for the people I love, and a

white cake stand
is best for serving them. This one is simple
in its design with a weighted base for stability and 12-inch
diameter that fits any round cake, cupcakes, macarons, cookies,
fruit, and other desserts. The porcelain stand is chip-resistant
and safe to use in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher.

When not in use, it doubles as minimalist table decor, and
several Amazon reviewers even reported using this stand for wedding

A helpful review: “I absolutely love this
cake stand. It is simple yet elegant and is very well-made!”

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The 9 Best Serving Dishes