The 4 Best Heated Blankets

Whether you’re feeling some aches and pains or just plain cold,
few things are more comforting than curling up with a cozy heated
blanket. Living in the Midwest, and having recently survived -30
degree temperatures (no joke), I know all too well what it feels
like to be chilled to the bone — and the value of having a
blanket that works a little harder than your average throw. Yet
when it comes to electric blankets, all are not created equal. The

best heated blankets
are machine-washable and have important
safety features built in, like an automatic shut-off to prevent
fires and overheating.

There are other factors to consider as well, like whether it has
a range of heat settings, or even dual-heating temperature zones if
you’re sharing the blanket with someone with vastly different heat
preferences. You’ll also want to consider size — do you want an
electric blanket designed for your bed or a heated throw that can
be used for couch lounging?

While some heated blankets can cost well over $200, there are
plenty of great options at more reasonable prices. All of the
options below are under $130 and have received high ratings and
stellar reviews from Amazon customers.

The Best Electric Throw Blankets

For those looking for a little extra warmth on the couch or at
their desk, a heated throw is the way to go. You’ll be able to stay
comfortably warm, no matter what the thermostat is set at.

1. The Best Electric Throw: Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket

This hefty
sherpa blanket from Sunbeam
is awesome for staying warm, even
when it’s not turned on! Of course, when you do fire up the heat,
it gets even better. It’s made with “Royal Mink” fabric on one
side, and snuggly sherpa fabric on the other, so it’s super soft
and has some welcome weight to it. It features three heat settings
(low, medium, and high) and boasts the brand’s proprietary
technology that auto-adjusts for consistent heat. It also has an
automatic shut-off after three hours.

You can choose from a variety of colors, including olive
(featured), garnet, honey, or sable. Measuring in at 50 inches by
60 inches, it’s a bit on the small side for using on top of a bed,
but it’s perfect for the couch, recliner, or desk chair.

According to one reviewer: “So I work at an
office that feels like Antarctica or a polar vortex. I’m not
allowed to have a personal heater … so I got around to buying a
heated blanket! It’s lovely and discreet. Very warm and comfortable
so I can work without my fingers turning blue!”

2. The Most Affordable Electric Throw: Sunbeam Heated Fleece Throw

This soft
fleece heated blanket from Sunbeam
is perfect if you want to
stay warm and still save money by keeping your thermostat low. It’s
made of 180 GSM (gram per square meter) fleece that’s cozy and soft
and features a simple control with three heatings, as well as a
three-hour auto-off. Similar to the Sunbeam sherpa throw mentioned
above, it also uses the brand’s custom technology to auto-adjust
the temperature as needed. It’s machine washable so it’s easy to
clean and it doesn’t get stretched out or pilly. Over 5,000 Amazon
reviewers have tried out this blanket and the reviews are rave.

Editor’s note: I own this electric blanket and love it. It makes
for a perfect gift (I’ve given it to family and friends), and is my
favorite blanket in my house.

According to one reviewer: “Purchased this for
a friend who lives several states away where the winters can be
very cold, to help keep warm without running the heating bill up
too high. She is elated to say the least and loves the way it is
made – not to mention the fact that it does a good job keeping her
comfortable while the thermostat stays around 70.”

The Best Electric Blankets For Beds

For staying warm all through the night, you want an electric
blanket designed for bedtime use. If you’re sharing your bed with
an already hot sleeper, don’t worry — the options here both
feature dual-temperature controls.

3. The Best Overall: SoftHeat by Perfect Fit Micro-Fleece Electric
Heated Blanket

micro-fleece electric blanket from Perfect Fit
is the total
package. It’s soft, safe, and boasts more than 2,900 Amazon
reviews, with the majority being five stars. Many electric blankets
out there are clunky because you can feel the wires within, but not
this one. Its micro-thin wires really are barely noticeable and
they deliver consistent, evenly distributed heat.

The blanket’s patented low-voltage technology is certified as
non-hazardous. It doesn’t emit
electromagnetic fields
(EMFs), thanks to the small power supply
box that changes the normal 120 volt AC home current into
non-hazardous, low voltage DC current. Plus, it automatically shuts
off after 10 hours.

It comes with 10 customizable heat settings, and if you order a
Queen or King blanket, it comes with dual controllers for further
customization. While the controllers aren’t super high-tech, they
do come with a large, backlit display with auto-dimming for
adjustments in the dark. Available in five different colors, the
blanket is machine washable and should be dried on low.

According to one reviewer: “This low voltage
blanket works differently. The controller does not cycle on/off;
these controllers maintain continuous power supply to the wires, so
the amount of heat that the blanket produce is always fixed (user
selectable). The blanket always maintains the selected constant
temperature throughout the night without sudden bursts.”

4. The Most Affordable Electric Blanket: Sunbeam Quilted Fleece
Heated Blanket

If you’re looking for a fleece electric blanket that’s larger
than a throw and stays warm for a long time, this
ultra-soft one from Sunbeam
is a winner. It comes with a
multi-setting controller, with an easy-to-adjust twist dial and 10
heat levels. It shuts off automatically after 10 hours and its
proprietary warming system monitors the temperature and
auto-adjusts to keep the level of warmth consistent throughout the

Available in seven colors, the blanket comes with dual controls
for customization and is fully machine washable and dryer safe.
(Note: The dual controller feature is only available in the Queen-
and King-sized versions.) Over 700 Amazon reviewers have invested
in this popular heated blanket.

According to one reviewer: “Comfortable, good
temperature range, and a feature I thought was a gimmick turned out
to be very nice: the preheat function. You set your temperature,
then hit PH and it goes into full heat for 30 minutes then goes
back to your setting. This is really nice on a cold day.”

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The 4 Best Heated Blankets