The 4 Best Cooling Headbands

Whether you’re at the gym, walking around in the heat, or simply
trying to cure a headache, using a cooling headband can provide
relief. However, the
best cooling headbands
work differently to keep you cold, so
you’ll need to decide which method makes the most sense for you.
Some headbands that are made with built-in cooling systems provide
instant relief after being soaked and wrung dry, while others are
constructed with breathable, moisture-wicking materials that keep
you cool and sweat-free (those don’t provide immediate relief,

Headbands made with built-in cooling systems can get chilly on
demand, and they’re usually
activated by water
. Don’t worry, though: If you wring them out
as instructed, they shouldn’t drip when you wear them. While
different brands use different cooling technologies (which are
usually listed by the manufacturers), the process usually works the
same way. When you wet the fabric, it becomes cold — and it stays
cold for a certain amount of time. When the chilliness wears off,
it needs to be dampened again. These usually need to remain damp in
order to work, but there are options available that won’t get your
skin wet.

Headbands without water-activated cooling systems can be just as
effective, though. Most of these are made with breathable,
moisture-wicking fabric to provide ventilation while eliminating
sweat, and some are also made with materials that protects against
UV rays. Since these ones don’t have to be soaked, they’re a bit
easier to use on the go (or when you can’t access water for
re-wetting). However, they can’t provide immediate cooling like the
others can.

Whether you’re seeking instant relief or just trying to stay
cool and dry, you’ll also want to make sure your headband is
comfortable and stays in place. Thankfully, the following picks are
either stretchy or adjustable— so you shouldn’t have any

So go ahead and choose the
best cooling headband
for your needs. I’ve included
lightweight, breathable options and versatile picks that’ll get
cold instantly.

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1. The Overall Best: A Lightweight Cooling Headband That Keeps
You Dry

Mission VaporActive Cooling Lockdown Headband

This lightweight
cooling headband
is specifically built to keep you cool on the
go. The lining is made with cocona fabric, a coconut-derived
material that
absorbs water and resists UV radiation
, along with polyester
and spandex. It works by evaporating sweat on contact in order to
keep your skin cool and dry. The adjustable strap and hook locks in
to keep your hair in place as you move, and it comes in various
patterns and colors to complement your gym wardrobe and workout
style. Since the materials work together to keep you cool, you
don’t have to wet this one in order for it to work.

What fans write: “I do not know how I ever
lived in Florida without one of these. Not on does it cool you but
prevents sweat from running into my eyes. I just wet it when it
starts drying out and the cooling begins again. Best product for
staying cool I have ever owned!!”

2. This Stretchy Headband That Provides Instant Cooling Relief

Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Headband Performance

Arctic Cool headband
takes cooling a step further by
incorporating the brand’s “HydroFreeze X Technology” into the
fabric. Here’s how it works: When the band gets wet, the material
gets cold — and since the trapped water won’t evaporate too
quickly, it’ll stay chilly for long periods of time (the exact
duration isn’t mentioned, though). However, reviewers claim that it
stays in place all day long. The fabric also blocks 98% of UV rays,
keeping you cool even on the sunniest days — and since it’s made
with polyester and spandex, it’s stretchy and comfortably fitting.
Choose from two colors: gray and white.

What fans write: “These are great. They stay in
place all day and help keep me cool. I work in a glass factory so
its hot year round and these help keep me cool.”

3. A Budget-Friendly Cooling Headband That Can Be Worn As A

Ergodyne Chill Its 6700CT Cooling Bandana (2-Pack)

Even though
these cooling headbands
are advertised as bandanas, they can
easily be used around your head for instant relief. Each one is
made with a polyvinyl acetate lining. To work, the band needs to be
soaked in water and shaken dry. Then, it’ll remain cool to the
touch for up to four hours. Once it warms up again, it just needs
to be re-dampened. The band is available in many colors and
designs, and they can each be tightened or loosened as needed. If
you’d rather try one at first, you can opt for a
single pack
. However, this two-pack is currently the most
affordable option on this list.

What fans write: “I work in very hot conditions
and this is the best cooling headband available. I actually own the
blue and the navy Western colors; I would definitely recommend this

4. This Cooling Headband You Can Wear Tons Of Different Ways

Chill Pal 12-In-1 Cooling Headwrap

multi-style cooling band
can be used in various ways (12, to be
exact). It works as a headband, a neck gaiter, a face wrap, and
more. To make it cool, simply soak it in cold water, wring it out,
and then put it on. The material should stay chilly for “hours,”
according to reviewers. When it needs to be cooled down again, you
just have to repeat the process. It’s that easy. The band comes in
two colors: purple and teal.

What fans write: “This really does work! I wore
this around my neck while unloading a truck and it reduced my
sweating immensely. It kept me cool for over 4 hours! I would
definitely recommend this product to anyone who overheats easily or
sweats excessively.”

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The 4 Best Cooling Headbands