Rihanna’s MUA Revealed The Ultimate Hack For Smooth Foundation

Last week, I was able to attend a makeup masterclass hosted by
Fenty Beauty and meet the enigma that is Hector Espinal, Rihanna’s
right hand man and Fenty’s Global Makeup Artist. Responsible for
creating some of RiRi’s most amazing looks, he’s also in charge of
product development, helping to create some of Fenty’s best-selling
products. So it’s fair to say that I learnt a lot from him. Best
lesson of all? Rihanna’s MUA
revealed the best hack for smooth foundation
, and I am so here
for it.

Talking about his top tips on how to achieve a flawless
foundation finish, the pro makeup artist explained there are
several things you should keep in mind at all times. First of all:
“less is more.” Secondly: “Skincare is important”. His advice was
to keep your product light, and prep the skin first and foremost.
(If you don’t take care of your skin, the rest of your base will
almost certainly show it.) So far, so sensible.

Hector’s third tip though was a genuinely genius hack I’m
certainly going to be using from here on out. He explained that how
you apply your foundation is crucial if you want to achieve a super
smooth, silky finish. The best way to do it, he says, is with a
damp makeup sponge – one doused in cold water; never warm. Why?
The cold will close up pores and keeps things tight, meaning your
base will look super smooth. Pretty clever, huh?

He did acknowledge that applying foundation with a cold sponge
can come as a bit of a shock to the system first thing in the
morning, but, it really works. There’s always the added bonus of
having an extra little thing to wake you up before heading to work,
too. Chilling, but effective.

Source: FS – All – Entertainment – News 2
Rihanna’s MUA Revealed The Ultimate Hack For Smooth Foundation