Patrick Mahomes celebrated the Chiefs' Super Bowl win while wearing a $47,000 Rolex. Here are 23 of the priciest watches worn by the world's top athletes.

Pat Mahomes Super bowl parade

Last week, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes
celebrated his Super Bowl win at a victory parade in Missouri with
his teammates —
and he did so while wearing a $47,000 Rolex
, according to Robb

But that flashy watch is far from the most lavish timepiece in
the sports world. In December, Cristiano Ronaldo accepted his sixth
award for men’s player of the year at the Globe Soccer Awards in
Dubai while wearing
the most expensive Rolex ever created
, which is valued at half
a million dollars.

Expensive Swiss mechanical watches don’t have much practical use
on the field, court, or track, though it’s not uncommon to see the
world’s biggest athletes wearing high-end, luxury
during their events, either.

Odell Beckham Jr. made headlines in the fall when he wore a

$2 million watch to warm up for a Monday Night Football
between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. Similarly,
Rafael Nadal
won his 19th Grand Slam title at the US Open
wearing a Richard
Mille on September 8, 2019, putting him right behind Roger
‘s record 20 Grand Slam titles. Nadal’s famed timepiece

retails for roughly $725,000

That kind of athletic prowess is a marketing tool. Watch brands
are eager to sponsor elite athletes, from tennis champions like
Nadal and Federer to fighters like Floyd
, not for their horological expertise but for their
aura — which sells.

We got a helping hand from the experts at Crown
& Caliber
to determine the makes and models of timepieces
worn by the world’s top athletes. They are listed here in ascending
order of price.

Russell Sheldrake contributed to an earlier version of this

most expensive watches worn by the British royal

20 richest billionaires who own sports teams,

Neymar — Gaga Milano, $2,100

Neymar’s love of watches is well documented, with a 2017 trip to
a Gaga Milano store ending in a
$180,000 purchase and an endorsement deal

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Despite his own line of timepieces being on the lower end of the
luxury watch bracket, it looks as though he has some special
editions worth much more in his collection. 

Price according to
Gaga Milano

Andy Murray — Rado Hyperchrome XXL, $3,475

When Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon Championship in 2013,

he was a Rado brand ambassador
, and as soon as he won, he
reportedly hurried to slap on his Rado Hyperchrome.

He put it on so quickly he didn’t notice that it was
seven hours out
. He has since dropped Rado as a sponsor and
instead works with brands such as Jaguar and Under Armour.

Price according to the Daily

David Beckham— Tudor Black Bay Chrono, $5,100

David Beckham is one of the major sponsors for Tudor’s Born to
Dare campaign and is often seen wearing one of the brand’s highly
popular watches.

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Beckham sits alongside other high-profile ambassadors of Tudor
such as Lady Gaga and the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team.

Price according to

Tom Brady — TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph 01, $5,450

Six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady partnered with Tag Heuer
in 2015.

“His jaw is famous. His hair is famous. His right arm is famous.
Now his left wrist is, too,” Alex Williams wrote for
The New York Times
that year.

In 2017, Tag Heuer released a special edition
Tom Brady chronograph
, which retailed at $5,600.

Price according to Tag

Rory McIlroy — Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, $6,350

Rory McIlroy seems to be very happy with his partnership with
Omega, according to his Instagram.

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He must have a pretty big collection of them by now, as not only
will Omega gift him certain watches (see clip above), but he is
also given a new timepiece when he
wins certain golf tournaments

Price according to

Tiger Woods — Rolex Sea Dweller, $11,350

Tiger Woods
made a ridiculous comeback to the zenith of golf
 and Rolex is
breathing a sigh of relief, as they bet big on the golf star’s
return to the top when many brands were dropping him
from their rosters

“Tiger Woods still has a long career ahead of him, and […] has
all the qualities required to continue to mark the history of
golf,” the company said in 2011 when they announced the sponsorship

It looks like their investment is finally paying dividends.

Price according to Rolex.

Roger Federer — Rolex Sky-Dweller in stainless steel, $14,400

Roger Federer is one of Rolex’s best-known ambassadors, and you
won’t see him lifting a trophy without one of the luxury watches on
his wrist, each of them hand-picked to match the tournament.

At the Australian Open in January 2017, Federer lifted an

Rolex Sky-Dweller in stainless steel along
with the trophy.

The Sky-Dweller is the most complicated watch that Rolex makes,
according to

While this watch was probably provided for him by Rolex, Federer
wouldn’t have much of an issue buying it, as he was the
highest-paid tennis player of 2019, according to

Price according to

Phil Mickelson — Rolex Yacht-Master 40, $27,300

To go along with his three green jackets, golfer
Phil Mickelson
has a sponsorship deal with Rolex and has been
seen wearing various models.

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Here, he is proudly showing off a Yacht-Master
, which comes with Rolex’s patented Oysterflex bracelet and
is made from rose gold.

Price according to Rolex.

Lewis Hamilton — IWC Big Pilot Special Edition, $33,300

Lewis Hamilton and the entire Mercedes F1 team is sponsored by
IWC. Therefore, Hamilton gets to wear a lot of rare and limited
edition IWC watches.

The one pictured above is believed to be an IWC Big Pilot
Perpetual Calendar in yellow gold, but no price for this watch can
be found publicly.

The 2019 version of the limited edition watch is valued at
33,000 Swiss Francs (or about $33,300).

Price according to
Monochrome Watches

Michael Jordan — IWC Big Pilot Platinum Limited Edition, $35,500

In 2016, NBA legend Michael Jordan received the Presidential
Medal of Freedom from President Obama —
you may remember the memes

What you may not remember, though, was Jordan’s wristwear, which
happened to be an IWC Big Pilot Platinum Limited Edition, ref.
5002-02, according to

The limited edition timepiece was made in only 500 pieces,
according to
, and was on sale from roughly 2003 to

projects that the retail price for this limited edition watch, if
you can find it, falls around $35,500.

Elina Svitolina — Ulysse Nardin Marine Lady Chronometer, $35,800

Elina Svitolina is one of the Ukraine’s top tennis stars and is
currently ranked
number three in the world by the WTA
. Since she has partnered
up with Swiss brand Ulysse Nardin, she has been spotted wearing
multiple models by them.

Here she is wearing the rose gold and diamond covered Marine

Price according to
Ulysse Nardin

Conor McGregor — Rolex Sky Dweller, $39,550

Conor McGregor is known for his massive displays of wealth and
love of all things expensive. Here you can see him wearing a yellow
gold Rolex Sky Dweller on a brown alligator strap.

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While this is perfect for a man who is constantly in different
time zones, McGregor is also known for having a
varied collection

Price according to Rolex.

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to outrageous designer suits

Usain Bolt — Hublot Big Bang UNICO, $39,900

These were produced by Hublot at the start of the 2016 athletics
season to commemorate Bolt’s career and his final season on the

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With a depiction of his silhouette doing his signature
pose in one of the subdials, the watch is truly one
of a kind, just like Bolt himself.

Price according to

Patrick Mahomes — Rolex Yacht-Master 40, $47,150

City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes
celebrated his Super
Bowl win at a victory parade in Missouri last week while
wearing a Rolex Yacht-Master 40
, according to Robb Report. His
specific configuration features a dial set in diamonds and lined in
rose gold.

Price according to Rolex.

LeBron James — Customized Audemars Royal Oak Offshore, $49,500

James’ Audemars Piguet is customized in 18k gold, but you can
buy a similar regular version on
Crown & Caliber
for $49,500.

Stephen Curry — Santos de Cartier Skeleton, $63,500

Cartier’s new take on its classic caused quite a stir in the
horological community when it was relaunched in April 2018, and it
was largely agreed to be a stunning piece of design.

The price tag is unlikely to make much of a dent in the wallet
of the Warriors star, though — his $40 million salary makes him
the highest-earning
player in the NBA

Curry’s elegant Santos is a refreshing break from the louder
timepieces worn by his NBA colleagues, who tend to opt for Hublot
Big Bangs, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshores, and garish Richard

Price according to

Paul Pogba — Richard Mille RM 30 White Rush, $166,500

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba has a basic salary of £290,000
(roughly $357,512) a week, according to
, which goes some way to explaining how the French
midfielder is able to afford a $166,500 timepiece.

It’s even less surprising when you consider that Pogba signed
a 10-year sponsorship deal with Adidas in 2016
worth about $44

Price according to

Anthony Joshua — Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Off-Shore, $431,375

Joshua is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in UK and
international sports.

Away from fighting, Joshua’s company AJ Boxing and Commercial
makes money through 12 sponsors, gym ownership, and an athlete
management business.

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Working Round The Clock ⏱

One such sponsor is Audemars Piguet, who likely gifted him the
above watch, valued at about £350,000 (or $431,375) in 2017.

Price according to
Business Insider

Cristiano Ronaldo — Rolex GMT-Master II Ice, $500,000

Cristinano Ronaldo is the
second highest-paid athlete in the world
, according to Forbes.
The soccer star is known to flaunt that wealth on Instagram.

As Business Insider previously reported, Cristiano Ronaldo wore

the most expensive watch Rolex has ever created
, valued at
nearly half a million dollars, at a soccer conference in Dubai on
December 28, 2019. The diamond-encrusted timepiece has made
appearances in his Instagram posts since.

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The watch, according to the Daily Mail, was made with made with

18-carat white gold and 30 carats of diamonds.

Price according to
Business Insider

Rafael Nadal — Richard Mille RM27-02, $725,000

Nadal is a big ambassador for Richard Mille and one of the very
few athletes on this list who wears their watch while

His specially designed Richard Mille RM27-02 was made with
top-of-the-line shock absorption technology for a mechanical watch
with a design inspired by racing car chassis, making it virtually
indestructible. There is also orange in the design to reflect the
clay courts of Roland Garros, where Nadal has dominated for so many

Price according to

Serena Williams — Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage, $1.25 million

Williams topped her male counterparts when she wore this
ludicrously opulent Audemars Piguet Diamond Outrage to the Met Gala
in 2017.

The truly absurd looking spiked bracelet watch is made of white
gold and encrusted with 65 carats’ worth of precious stones. The
watch face itself is hidden beneath one of the spikes and is
powered by a caliber 2701 quartz movement.

Williams has been
sponsored by Audemars Piguet since 2014

Price according to

Odell Beckham Jr. — Richard Mille RM56-01, $1.95 million

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Patrick Mahomes celebrated the Chiefs' Super Bowl win while wearing a ,000 Rolex. Here are 23 of the priciest watches worn by the world's top athletes.