My streaming gem: why you should watch River of Grass

The latest in our seres of writers highlighting under-seen films to stream is a recommendation for Kelly Reichardt’s lyrical debut

“It’s funny how a single day can drag while entire years go by in a flash,” sighs Cozy (Lisa Bowman), the narrator of Kelly Reichardt’s debut film River of Grass. Ain’t that the truth. It was made in 1994 but you might say Cozy is already in her own private lockdown. An unhappily married mother of two, she fills her baby’s bottle with Coca-Cola and spends long afternoons yearning for the day when some nice couple in a station wagon will arrive to take the children off her hands. One night, she absconds to a bar where she meets Lee (Larry Fessenden), a loner with a high forehead and wild tendrils of hair. They flee into the night together, climb a fence and splash around in a stranger’s swimming pool. When the homeowner finds them, Lee lets his gun do the talking, turning himself and Cozy into the Bonnie and Clyde of the Florida Everglades.

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My streaming gem: why you should watch River of Grass