Lisa Kudrow's 'Space Force' Character Is As Unpredictable As Phoebe Buffay

Light spoilers for Space Force Season 1
Steve Carell may be the heart and soul of his new
Netflix series with The Office creator Greg Daniels, but
Lisa Kudrow’s Space Force character Maggie Naird
adds an
unexpected level of mystery to the satirical storyline that has
nothing to do with the military or politics. In fact, it’s
difficult to even say what exactly Maggie’s story is about. Aside
from a few vague references to her current living conditions,
Kudrow’s character is barely seen or mentioned throughout most of
the first season. Yet her sporadic appearances give her a level of
unpredictability that’s sure to remind Friends fans of Kudrow’s
former lovable yet quirky character, Phoebe Buffay.

Much like
Phoebe, who also had quite a mysterious and complicated past

while living on the streets, Maggie finds herself facing some
unplanned challenges after her husband, Mark Naird (Carell), a
respected military general, is charged with running the
president’s new Space Force branch of the military. Yet, in the
end, the new position comes with a price for all involved.

Initially, Maggie seems happy and proud of all her husband’s
accomplishments. Cut to a year later, and viewers discover that she
is now serving time in prison. And while she insinuates to Mark
that she’ll be behind bars for quite some time, no explanation is
given for how she came to be there in the first place — at least
not right away. In fact, even halfway through the season fans are
left completely in the dark about the circumstances that led to her

Kudrow spoke briefly about the complications in Mark and
Maggie’s marriage
in an interview with Entertainment Weekly,
and while she didn’t give any new details on the matter, she was
definitely intrigued by this added layer to her character. “Mark
and Maggie are forced to navigate a big challenge to their
relationship,” Kudrow stated, while cryptically hinting that
determining Maggie’s personality will be harder than you think,
adding, “Is she a badass or is she not?”

Considering that she casually mentioned to her daughter Erin
(Diana Silvers) in one episode that she had joined a gang (or, um,
“book club”) in prison, she definitely seems intent on
surviving and getting back to her family. As for whether she
manages to do so, you’ll just have to watch the first season in
its entirety to find out. Perhaps performing a few renditions of
“Smelly Cat” would help to pass the time.

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Lisa Kudrow's 'Space Force' Character Is As Unpredictable As
Phoebe Buffay