Insiders at the NY Post are griping about the Hunter Biden coverage, highlighting a political divide in the tabloid newsroom

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The right-leaning New York Post published an
explosive report
on Wednesday about Hunter Biden, the son of
former Vice President and Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Facebook and Twitter acted to limit its spread
, questioning its
credibility. The Post and conservative lawmakers cried censorship,
a common attack by the right against the tech platforms.

But inside the Post, another divide was playing out.�

The publication of an explosive story so close to the election
quickly stirred questions and conspiracy theories among some Post
rank-and-file, according to six insiders.

Since the Post published the story, it has been reported that
the White House was informed that Rudy Guiliani, one of the
source’s for the Post’s reporting,
was being targeted as part of a disinformation effort
. NBC and
AP later reported that the FBI is investigating
whether the emails published by the Post are linked
to a
foreign intelligence operation. 

The Biden story exposed a longtime ideological split between the
leadership and the Post’s newsroom staffers, many of whom do not
hew to the owner Rupert Murdoch’s conservative beliefs. 

“It’s like the best-kept secret in New York,” said a former
staffer. “You would think that people that work there are
conservative, and we’re not.”

For the better part of the past two decades, the newsroom was
run by Col Allan, a Trump buddy and Murdoch confidant, and is known
for its populist conservatism and sometimes inflammatory

Allan retired in 2016 and Sunday editor Stephen Lynch, who is
described as careful and less political, succeeded him. But Allan

returned in 2019
as an advisor to Murdoch’s News Corp., whose
properties also include The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s,
leading many to believe he was there to push the Post further

Some saw Allan’s influence when in 2019 the newsroom
faced a boycott
after it ran a partial quote from Rep. Ilhan
Omar that critics feared would incite anti-Muslim violence. 

Those that do lean right tend to be in politics or opinion,
according to multiple employees. 

Outside those desks, though, there’s eye-rolling, when, for
example, after President Donald Trump’s NBC town hall this week,
Post gave Trump high marks.

“That’s just stupid,” said an insider.

Some say this divide has widened in recent years. They point to
Allan’s return, the exit of some older staffers as a result of
layoffs, and an increase in hiring on the digital site, where the
staffers tend to be young. 

The Post is increasingly populated with young people who embrace
the tabloid ethos of holding power to account but don’t like the
hard-right ideology they see the Post often taking, one said.

But where others expressed deep discomfort over the Biden story,
others are taking it in stride.

“We just roll our eyes on this stuff,” said the insider.

A spokesperson for the Post at Rubenstein PR pointed to the
Post’s articles on the subject and
in lieu of comment. 

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Insiders at the NY Post are griping about the Hunter Biden
coverage, highlighting a political divide in the tabloid