35 Of The Best Problem-Solving Products On Amazon

It goes without saying that navigating everyday life can be
difficult sometimes. Whether you’re scrambling to find a misplaced
car key or simply trying to remove a stubborn top from a jar,
having a
problem-solving Amazon product
on hand can make it feel a
little less complicated. To give you some help, I’ve created a list
of must-have items that’ll solve your daily dilemmas.

While scrolling through this list, you might find some products
that you never thought you needed — but boy, will you love them
once you give them a try. For example, the thought of an
automatic soap dispenser
that’s easy to mount in your bathroom
might’ve never crossed your mind — but it’s extremely convenient
(and extra-hygienic). Also, having a
self-wringing mop
system might not’ve been on your shopping
list — but it’ll help alleviate some of the back strain that
comes with cleaning your floors.

Overall, the things on this list pretty much run the gamut.
Looking for something to shake and dispense your salad dressings?
There’s a product here that provides a solution for that. How about
a better organization system for your kitchen drawers? That’s
covered, too.

So whether you’re searching for something in particular or just
want to make things easier on yourself, these
brilliant Amazon products
offer a little bit of something for

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will,
too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from
this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


1. A Pump That Dispenses Soap Right Into Your Sponge

S&T INC. Soap Pump Dispenser and Sponge Holder

Keep your cleaning supplies neatly in place using this
sponge holder
, which also acts as a soap dispenser. It provides
instant storage for your sponge while working to dispense the
perfect amount of liquid soap with each and every press. This
two-in-one device can hold up to 13 ounces of dish soap, and it
comes with its own sponge.

2. These Lip Balm Sleeves So You Never Misplace Your ChapStick

Designs in July Chapstick Sleeves (5-Pack)

Never lose or misplace your ChapStick again with this pack of

lip balm sleeves
. This multipack comes with five colorful
covers that you can clip onto your belt loop, keys, backpack,
purse, and more. The clip is secure and easy to use, making it a
great accessory for every member of your family.

3. This Headband With A Ponytail Hole To Keep Your Hair In

Kitsch Spa Headband with Ponytail Hole

headband with a ponytail hole
is great for protecting your hair
as you wash your face or apply makeup, because it holds everything
thing in place while you get ready. It’s also adjustable, so you
can tighten or loosen it as you please.

4. A Jar Opener That Fits Right Underneath Your Cabinet

EZ Off Jar Opener

under-the-cabinet jar opener
makes opening even the tightest of
containers a breeze. What’s great is that it works on containers of
all sizes, removing the tops of larger jars and even nail polish
bottles. It’s super easy to install underneath your counter and
comes equipped with peel-and-stick adhesives and screws.

5. The Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up By Shaking Your Bed

LIELONGREN Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

Heavy sleepers will find this loud
alarm clock
a total necessity. It’s designed with an attached
bed shaker for extra encouragement in the morning, and it features
a large time display so you can view it from anywhere in the room.
This clock is also equipped with two USB ports so you can charge
other devices (such as your tablet or phone).

6. The Magnetic Key Holder That’s Shaped Like A Cloud

TWONE Magnetic Cloud Key Holder

key holder
has the ability to hold your keys without the use of
hooks or hangers. It is designed to look like a cloud and uses
magnetic-force technology to store keychains. This device can be
easily mounted with its adhesive backing, which helps prevent
damage on your walls.

7. This Mop System That Doesn’t Have To Be Rung Out By Hand

O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket

You’ll be able to clean your floors with ease, all thanks to
system. The microfiber mop is highly absorbent for
quick and easy use. Plus, the kit’s bucket features a
pedal-operated wringer that spins the mop dry. It also comes with a
splash guard to prevent messes while you’re using it.

8. A Foaming Dispenser That Automatically Pumps Soap

Lantoo Foaming Automatic Soap Dispenser

soap dispenser
automatically pumps foaming soap when it senses
your hand underneath it. It’s even designed with two levels of
dispensing that’ll provide up to 830 pumps in total. The bathroom
accessory can be can also be mounted, because it comes with two
screws as well as double-sided tape for easy hanging.

9. The Durable Phone Charger That’s 10 Feet Long

XCENTZ 10ft Phone Charger

You’ll be able to charge your devices near and far thanks to
10-foot phone charger
. It’s compatible with both iPhones and
iPads, and it’s designed to withstand the wear and tear of constant
twisting, pulling, and bending. This style is offered in three
colors and gives you durable and high-speed charging whenever you
need it.

10. This Outlet Tower With A Wireless Charger On Top

GLCON Power Strip Tower

Charge multiple devices at once using this
power strip tower
. It comes with six outlets and four USB ports
—and it even has a high-speed wireless charging station on top
that you can use for your phone. This tower also features a
retractable power cord that allows you to store it neatly wherever
you’d like.

11. These Storage Hooks To Organize Your Closet With

mDesign Hanging Storage Hooks (4-Pack)

Organize bags, scarves, belts, and more with this
set of hanging storage hooks
. Designed to hang on wire shelves,
they’re super easy to install without the use of hardware. Not to
mention, they’re also durable and rust-resistant. This pack comes
with a set of four that can be used anywhere in the house you may
need them.

12. The Toaster With Extra-Wide Slots For Your Bagels

iFedio Compact Toaster with Extra-Wide Slots

extra-wide toaster
allows you to toast and defrost both thin
pieces of bread and thick bagel slices. It also lets you to adjust
the temperature to suit your preferences, and it’s equipped with
cancel, defrost, and reheat modes for added convenience. The
toaster is available in this cool blue color as well as stainless

13. A Hanging Trash Bag That’s Convenient While You Cook

Lunies Hanging Trash Bag Holder

Great for cooking or when you’re hosting barbecues, birthday
parties, and other events at your house, this
hanging trash bag holder
will give you an easy place to toss
your waste in an instant. It can easily be installed onto doors and
cabinets, allowing you to use it just about anywhere.

14. The Key Finder That Helps You Locate Missing Items

Esky Key Finder (4-Pieces)

If you’re prone to losing things, this
key finder
is about to become your new best friend. It’s
designed with powerful radio frequency that has the ability to work
from up to 98 feet away — so don’t worry about losing something
in a different room. These fobs can be attached to important items
such as keys, wallets, remote controls, and more so you can find
them with the push of a button. Simply press the color-coded
control on the remote, and your lost item will beep until it’s

15. A Toothbrush Case That Sanitizes The Bristles With UV

SARMOCARE UV Toothbrush Case

Cover your toothbrush with this
, and it’ll sanitize the bristles with UV light. It’s
powered by rechargeable battery and can be mounted to the wall for
simple and space-saving storage. Bonus: It can fit both electric
and manual toothbrushes.

16. The Organizer Shelf That’s Perfect For Bedside Necessities

7U Organizer Shelf

This plastic
organizer shelf
will help you keep all of your supplies neatly
in one place, and it can be easily mounted onto your wall with the
included adhesive. It’s designed to hold remotes, phones,
eyeglasses, keys, and more. One person wrote, “It is a good size
and works well to keep glasses and other essentials by our bed in
our loft. Liked it so much, we bought two!”

17. This Mini Bag Sealer That Keeps Your Favorite Snacks Fresh

Karidge Mini Bag Sealer

All of your snacks will stay super fresh with the help of this

mini bag sealer
. The heated iron works on a variety of plastic
bags, foil bags, and PVC materials, pressing them closed within
seconds. It even comes with its own plastic case and hanging hook
for simple and easy storage.

18. A Silicone Pouch That Stores Your Hot Hair Styling Tools

ZAXOP Heat Resistant Silicone Pouch for Hair Tools

heat-resistant silicone pouch
allows you to store and travel
with your flat iron or curling wand while it cools down. Made of
durable silicone, it can withstand up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. It
also doubles as a resting mat that helps protect your tables and
countertops as you style your hair. It’s super easy to clean and
comes in a variety of colors for your choosing.

19. The Running Belt With Pockets For Your Valuable Items

Stashbandz Running Belt with Pocket

You’ll never have to worry about where to place your phone and
keys while exercising again, all thanks to this
running belt
. It’s made of high-quality spandex that’s super
stretchy, and it’s designed with four pockets to hold your phone,
money, passport, glasses, wallet, keys, and more. It’s also
moisture-wicking, which can help keep you cool and comfortable as
you travel or complete your workout routine.

  • Available sizes: X-Small – X-Large
20. This Waterproof Phone Pouch For Extra Protection

JOTO Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

Enjoy your phone while hanging out by the pool or beach with the
help of this
waterproof phone pouch
. It’s touch-sensitive, so you can use
your phone whenever you need to — and it’s even big enough for
most iPhone and Galaxy devices. This case also comes with a secure
lock to fully protect your phone, and it’s offered in several

21. The Handy Tracker That Lets Everyone Know If The Dog Ate

DYFTD Dog Feeding Tracker

Keep your fur baby on a proper schedule using this
dog feeding tracker
. You simply use a slider to note when the
dog has been fed so that everyone in your house is on the accord
(and the pup is happy). Thanks to the adhesives that are included,
it’s easy to mount to your wall.

22. An Easy-To-Use..

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35 Of The Best Problem-Solving Products On Amazon